• Psychological Support

Psychological Support

Our psychiatric support is one of the main poles of patient care, before and after surgery.

The neurobiological approach in psychiatry tries to find the link between neurotransmitters function and behavior. Some regions of the brain (thalamic nuclei) have a clear and vital role in appetite and eating behavior.

Psychiatric assessment and diagnosis are essential in seeing beyond obesity. In fact the listed below are a “cause / effect” of obesity and psychiatry:

  • ADHD, depression, chronic anxiety in the form of emotional eating
  • Bipolar disorder and eating disorders in the form of binging and bulimia
  • Psychosis in the form of lack of motivation
  • Some drugs in the form of “munchies”

Psychological Support

  • Psychological and pathological assessment is a primary step because sometimes obesity is just a mental way to escape and not the main distress.
  • Psychological support aims at using the full (mental) potential of a person. It is not always about finding diseases or problems; rather about boosting the ability of coping strategies, management failure and building skills.
    People might say “when there is a will there is a way” for obesity and weight control. However, even when there is the will and the way, you still need some extra skills to drive all the way.
  • For some people obesity and eating disorders lead to anxiety, depression, low self esteem and impulsive behavior. The management of these consequences is essential for a better prognosis and a better quality of life.
    You can’t close the fire exit before putting out a fire.