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Our mission is to find ways to prevent weight gain, obesity and its complications through a multidisciplinary team. The center incorporates more than 15 specialists (physicians, dieticians and therapists) ready to help and provide high quality medical care for overweight and obese people through surgical treatment, therapeutic nutrition and behavioral modifications.


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Many obese individuals successfully lose weight after their surgery. Unfortunately, few succeed in weight loss maintenance.

The diverse causes of obesity allow us to consider and propose a customized treatment and maintenance plan, as per each individual’s case.

Our center is designed to help you lose and maintain your weight loss through integrating dietary, medical or surgical means. In accordance with your life style.

Since we acknowledge the physical and psychological consequences of rapid weight loss especially after bariatric surgery, we’ve created an aftercare program that aids and supports you during that period.

At COCP, our services are delivered under one roof:

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