• We help you lose and maintain your weight loss

Our Program

Many severely obese individuals successfully lose weight; unfortunately, few succeed in weight loss maintenance. The diversity of causes of obesity compels diversity in treatment plan. Our center is designed to help you lose and maintain your weight loss through integrating dietary, medical or surgical means in accordance with your life pattern.

At COCP, unlike other obesity centers in The Middle East, our services are delivered in the same center:

  • Endocrinologist/ Internal Medicine Doctor
  • Dedicated obesity nutritionists
  • Weight Management counselors
  • Bariatric (obesity) surgeons
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Full office staff
  • Fitness Center
  • Equipment customized to obese people.

Since we acknowledge the physical and psychological consequences of rapid weight loss especially after bariatric surgery, we’ve created an aftercare program that aids and supports you during that period.

Additionally, the physiological changes during puberty, pregnancy and menopause are inevitable; for that, we designed specific strategy for weight control based on each status.

Our program is tailored to fit your needs and organized to meet your facilities (inside and outside the country) in order to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Process Flow