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Our Team

Thierry Moumdjian

Physiotherapist/Fitness Trainer

Dr. Moumdjian received a Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy and a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Université Saint Joseph (USJ) – Lebanon.

He draws his experience from various settings of analysis to offer personalized training to help clients achieve their goals.

From a 7 years background in fitness and sports therapy and from being the Physical Therapist for USJ's Handball Team in 2014; Dr. Moumdjian is currently leading the COCP Fitness Center, joining forces with a dedicated team of doctors and dietitians to provide the best results for patients.

Whether you are inexperienced with exercise, in a more advanced stage of training, or coming back from an operation, Dr. Moumdjian will provide you with optimized training with exact asymmetries to enhance performance and improve quality of life by tailoring the session to the client.